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Bob Guinter Autobiography: I got my first electric train when I was nine months old (first Christmas). Started scale models in 1948 in College. Joined the NMRA in 1949 and now am a life member. I have been to 24 National Conventions and gave clinics at two of them. I am also a life member of the Midwest Region and have given many clinics at those meets. The one thing in the hobby that impressed me the most was John Allen, I met him at the convention in Chicago in 1960 where I was asked to be a contest judge. Since I was still a rookie I asked John for advice. He took me under his wing and helped me judge, a more congenial man you will never find. I also worked with Brad Bradley on the development of the Standards Gage and authored an Recommended Practice sheet on wheel and axle dimensions. When people ask me what I got from the NMRA, I tell them any organization is like a bank account, you can only get out what you put in. My deposits show this idea, I also have a circle of friends from all over the world from going to National conventions, of which I have attended 24. I am going to Grand Rapids next summer for a special reason. My daughter will be giving a clinic on "The Life of a Native American Woman". I have thoroughly enjoyed the RRVD and will miss every one of you, THANK YOU! Photo Credit: Les Z.




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